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About Kinetic Systems  

Kinetic Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of vibration isolation and control since its inception in 1968. Through continuing research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, Kinetic Systems, Inc. has pioneered many state-of-the-art developments in vibration isolation, damping, and structural design. KSI engineers routinely solve a wide variety of complex vibration isolation problems for customers in applications as diverse as aerospace, medical research, laser R&D, and semiconductor equipment. By continually striving for and producing a superior product, KSI has become a trusted name in academic, industrial, and government research facilities worldwide. We are totally committed to offering the very finest advanced vibration isolation and control systems and optical tables.  We provide to a continually evolving range of precision applications in metrology, interferometry, laser research, semiconductor manufacturing, and virtually anywhere external vibrations adversely affect the operation of precision equipment.


Let Us Solve Your Tough Vibration Isolation Problem

The information in this guide has been assembled to give you enough information to select a solution for your specific vibration problem. If you need more information or if you have a specific application requiring a “custom” solution, please call us today.  If one of our pre-engineered systems can’t solve your problem, then our technically experienced application engineers will develop a cost-effective solution tailored to your application needs.


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