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History KSI Sets the Standard

1972 — KSI makes leveling feet a standard feature simplifying installations. VARIFLO orifice design introduced for improved damping response.


1975 — VibraDamped structural damping eliminates “ringing” and enhances isolation performance.


1978 — First high efficiency air isolation tabletop platform.


1979 — First Vibration-Free Island produced for below floor isolated support in cleanrooms where space efficiency is a requirement. VibraDamped tabletops introduced for maximum vibration control.


1980 — KINEMATIC pistons provide superior horizontal isolation efficiency.


1981 — KINEMATIC leveling feet added to systems for improved horizontal isolation. Unit Pendulum Isolators introduced for maximum horizontal isolation.


1985 — Variable Height Attachment introduced.


1991 — High frequency composite tabletops with internal damping introduced to provide maximum isolation efficiency.


1996 — KSI makes 1st true Class 1 cleanroom isolation system.


2001 — KSI introduces 2000 Series Variable Height Workstations to provide users an ergonomically correct work height. KSI introduces new Lightweight Breadboards.


2003 — KSI introduces Active Vibration Control Systems. MaxxAlign doubles positional accuracy on KSI Optical Tables.

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