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Vibration Control Workstations Because our Vibration Isolation Workstations are designed for general use as well as specific applications, we offer Seven Different Basic Configurations to meet virtually all requirements for a vibration controlled work environment. Contact our Kinetic Systems sales engineers the best solution for your vibration isolation requirement.
Ultra-Low Frequency Vibration Isolation WorkstationsKSI offers both pneumatic and spring activated ultra low natural frequency performance for a wide range of light weight high resolution instruments, such as analytical balances, cell injection, confocal microscopes, patch clamping, optical microscopes, wafer probing, sensor calibration, atomic force microscopes and other sensitive equipment requiring high isolation efficiency.
Active Vibration Control Workstations - 8002 SeriesProviding the highest levels of Vibration Isolation available.

The 8002 Series offers the ultimate performance for a wide range of high resolution instruments, such as check-weighing, atomic force microscopes, micro-hardness testers, profilometers and other sensitive equipment requiring high isolation efficiency.

High Performance Workstations - 9100 Series
For Load Ranges up to 1300 lbs. The 9100 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration control applications.  The 9100 Series is an efficient, aesthetically and ergonomically styled piece of comfortable working furniture.
Heavy Duty Workstations - 1200 SeriesThe 1200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is designed to isolate loads up to 2800 lbs and is the obvious choice for moving loads. This workstation is a proven performer providing  reliable vibration-free work environments for a wide range of industries.
for load ranges up to 440 lbs.
The 9200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is a smaller, more compact design providing affordable personal convenience. The 9200 is ideal for applications such as Balances, Optical Microscopes, Cell Injection, Roundness Checkers, and Surface Profilometers.
Variable Height Workstations - 2000 SeriesThe 2000 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation provides up to 12" of tabletop height adjustment providing for improved user posture and comfort. This unit is ideal for applications where long hours at the workstation, or multiple shift use requires comfort adjustments. 
Cleanroom Workstations - 9600 SeriesThe Series 9600 Vibration Isolation Workstation was designed to fully comply with the Class 1 or Class 10 cleanroom standard. It's isolation efficiency is excellent and the unit is constructed of stainless steel to facilitate ease of wipedown. Welded joints assure maximum rigidity.

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