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Vibration Control Benchtop Platforms Our Vibration Control Benchtop Platforms are available in four different contifgurations for use in enhancing the perfromance of precision tabletop equipment.
ELpF Lightweight Benchtop Vibration Isolation SystemsIntroducing the ELpF lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system. This lightweight low-profile pneumatic vibration-free platform is designed to meet the exacting vibration-control requirements of sensitive equipment weighing in the 150-pound range (300 lbs max.).
Active Vibration Control Platforms - 8001 SeriesIntroducing the 8001 Series active vibration isolation system. A compact lightweight floor mount or tabletop system that senses and responds to provide superior isolation to that possible with standard passive isolation systems.
Active-Air Vibration Control Platforms -
2214 Series with Horizontal Isolation
The 2214 Series is Vibration Control Benchtop Platform that combines KSIs precision Active-Air Vertical isolation system with a multi-stage horizontal vibration control system. The 2214 Series is ideal for use in applications where horizontal vibrations are a problem.
Active-Air Vibration Control Platforms - 2212 SeriesThe 2212 Seies Vibration Control Platform is designed to enhance the performance of precision tabletop equipment. It uses KSIs precision Active-Air design and requires an air source for operation. It is a self-leveling unit and recommended for regular use.


Passive-Air Vibration Control Platforms - 2210 SeriesThe 2210 Series Vibration Control Platform will enhance the performance of precision tabletop equipment. It utilizes KSIs Passive-Air design that requires an optional hand pump (if an air source is not available).  This unit requires periodic manual leveling.

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