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9300 Series - Vibration Isolation Equipment Platforms   Features/Benefits:
  • Air suspension for vertical isolation
  • Pendulum cradle suspension for enhanced horizontal isolation
  • Excellent damping
  • Rigid damped laminated platform
  • Nominal 4.5" increase in equipment height
  • Automatic leveling
  • Ultra-low natural frequency
  • Pre-Engineered for many standard instruments
  • Available with custom shapes, cutouts, and notches
  • Provides layout flexibility




The BaseMate Series 9300 Isolation Platforms for large equipment offer you maximum flexibility and choice. With over 16 time-tested modular configurations you’re sure to get the optimum configuration to meet your application needs. BaseMate Platform Systems provide vibration isolation benefits that are unmatched by other floor systems.



BaseMate designs feature a proprietary two-stage pendulum and airmount system that provide omnidirectional vibration isolation.  Stage one is a low stiffness/high performance Active-Air leveling support system with very low vertical natural frequency to maximize the vertical isolation efficiency.  Stage two uses a tri-filar pendulum assembly that acts in conjunction with the airmount system to provide a stable cradle support with a low horizontal natural frequency. This, combined with viscous damping, maximizes the efficiency of the horizontal isolation. Because the BaseMate’s pendulum assembly does away with the need for the corner lift bracket used by most manufacturers, the resonance they produce is eliminated and an overall improvement in performance is immediately achieved.


Automatic leveling and height controls are incorporated for convenience and stability.  The standard BaseMate platform is a 3" thick damped rigid epoxy laminated “sandwich” with ½” steel top and bottom plates and a 2" highly damped composite layer with our exclusive constrained layer damping.


Stiffness is comparable to a 3” solid steel plate but at approximately 1/3 the weight and with more efficient damping. The platform structurally reinforces nonrigid large equipment bases and strategically adds mass low in the system (48 lbs./sq. ft) to reduce cg height for increased stability. Larger equipment platforms (over 7') and platforms with cut-outs may require thicker constructions (from 4" to 6"). Nonmagnetic assemblies and Class Ten cleanroom finishes are available. The standard gross load capacity of up to 25,000 lbs. makes the BaseMate a perfect solution for the most demanding equipment.


Typical Applications

SEMs, TEMs, CMMs, Steppers, Mask Aligners, Floor Mounted Equipment


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