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Research Grade - 5200 Series Optical Tables Features/Benefits:

  • Dual-tuned plus broadband damping
  • Ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin 3/16" thick
  • Carbon steel bottom skin 3/16" thick – black polyurethane finish
  • Plated steel, precision formed honeycomb core
  • Lengths to 20', widths to 6' and thicknesses to 36"
  • SPILLPRUF spill management
  • Low reflective surfaces
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible – Class 10 available






Designed for critical optical research, the 5200 Series offers the same 1/16" thick ferromagnetic stainless steel tabletop and precision construction as the 5300 Series, with a combination of dual-tuned damping and broadband damping for comprehensive vibration absorption. To protect against leaks and spills, the SPILLPRUF configuration provides a safety barrier between the top skin and honeycomb interior.

Table lengths up to 20'
Widths to 6'
Thicknesses to 36"

Support systems available include the 505 Series and the Modular 500 Series.


Tables can be customized at time of order with integral modular splice plates for end-to-end or side-to-side splice connections.  We can also provide extra long, wide, and "L", "T", or "U" shaped table splice assemblies dismantled for shipment and reconnected upon delivery.

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