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Active Vibration Control Platforms - 8001 Series Features/Benefits:

  • Active Feedback Vibration Control system provides fast response and control of vibrations
  • Vibration Isolation for all six translational and rotational modes of vibration
  • Ultra low natural frequency < 1 Hz
  • No low frequency resonance
  • Isolation beginning at 0.7 Hz, increasing rapidly to 40 dB at 10Hz
  • 500 times stiffer than air tables
  • Automatic leveling
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design







Introducing the 8001 Series active vibration isolation system. A compact lightweight floor mount or tabletop vibration isolation system that senses and responds to provide superior vibration control over that possible with standard passive vibration isolation systems. A precise automatic level adjustment mechanism adjusts for varying loads without user reconfiguration.


The 8001 Series active vibration isolation system offers the ultimate vibration control performance for a wide range of high resolution instruments such as SPM, interferometer and microscopy. 


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