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SELECTING A VIBRATION ISOLATION WORKSTATION The following questions should be considered when choosing a vibration isolation workstation or system for your particular application.

  • Is there any site survey data available?
  • What is the manufacturer’s specification of “allowable vibration” for the equipment to be isolated?
  • What is the “footprint” of the equipment to be isolated?
  • What is the weight of the equipment to be isolated? If the load distribution is not uniform, what is the load at the heaviest end or corner?
  • What is the height of the cg (center of gravity) for the equipment to be isolated? (We recommend the cg height not exceed 25% of the shortest distance between isolation supports. However, if not possible KSI can provide custom solutions.)
  • Is there a moving load that you are trying to isolate? What is the load distribution at the mounting points when the moving load is at its minimum and maximum displacement? In this instance, we recommend the distance between supports to be the maximum feasible. Also, isolator load capacity should be at least double the capacity of a stationary application.
  • What is the operating environment in which the equipment to be isolated will be used? Cleanroom, Factory, Office? What is the building’s structure? Is the building near a highway? Is the building near a railroad?


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